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Thank you for your interest in hosting a face to face workshop. These workshops are for pastors, elders, deacons, church council members (policy decision makers), ministry leaders, worship leaders, children’s ministry volunteers, youth ministry volunteers, SRE teachers, or anyone ministering (or interested in ministering) to any vulnerable people. The Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT strongly recommends that all of the people listed above complete Creating Safe Spaces training once every three years. In some circumstances, especially in rural locations, it may be preferable to undertake equivalent face to face training hosted by another denomination which has been endorsed by the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA). Follow this link to find other SCTA endorsed training in your local area:

Creating Safe Spaces training requires completion of both an online training module and a face to face workshop. The online module must be completed prior to attending the face to face workshop, and no more than 6 months before the face to face workshop (or 9 months outside of metropolitan areas).

An extra half hour “Leaders Implementation Consultation” is scheduled to run immediately after the 3 hour face to face workshop to assist senior leadership including Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Church Council Members, and the church’s Safe Church Concerns Officer/Team and WHS Officer/Team, to implement Safe Church Recommendations in their local context.

We encourage all churches to host a face to face workshop in their local context once every three years if they have the capacity. We would also encourage churches to liaise with other local churches to coordinate the timing of workshops so as to provide regular opportunities for people in each local area to attend a workshop.

For discussion and group dynamics purposes, there is a minimum requirement of 20 attendees for the face to face workshops, and a maximum number of approximately 50 attendees.

The cost to attend is $25 per person, and if the minimum number of 20 attendees is not reached, a minimum cost of $500 will apply in order to cover the presenter’s fees, administration and printing costs. In a small number of circumstances, we would consider subsidising smaller churches in remote areas that may not have the capacity to meet this minimum cost of $500.

To register your interest in hosting a workshop, please complete the form below, and an email would then be sent to the Creating Safe Space Coordinator who will be in contact upon receipt.

Please contact the Creating Safe Spaces Coordinator on or 02 9868 9221 for further information.

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