Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should do Creating Safe Spaces training and how often?

We recommend that anyone working with children or vulnerable people, or who is in a senior leadership role within a church to complete Creating Safe Spaces training once every three years.  We also recommend that all churches host a workshop once every three years, if minimum numbers of 20 people can be met, in collaboration with other churches in their local area.

What does Creating Safe Space training involve?

Creating Safe Spaces covers topics including duty of care, transparency and accountability, protecting vulnerable people, training, recruiting and supervising leaders, and reporting obligations. It’s aim is to assist church leaders to create a safe environment within our churches for all people, and to ensure that churches comply with our spiritual, legal, and social responsibilities.

Creating Safe Spaces training requires completion of both the online module, and a face to face workshop.

There is an extra half hour meeting immediately after the face to face workshop for senior church leadership (pastors, elders, deacons, church council members) known as a Leaders Implementation Consultation which outlines the Minimum Safe Church Compliance Requirements of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT.

How do I purchase and login to the Creating Safe Spaces online module?

Please see the “Purchase Instructions” page for further details.  If you continue to experience problems, please liaise with your local church contact person, or the Creating Safe Spaces Coordinator via or phone 02 9686 9221 and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

How long does the online module take?

The amount of time to complete the online module will depend on the participant’s internet connection and reading speed.  We estimate that the online module should normally take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

How can those that do not have internet or are not computer savvy access the online module?

If someone is having difficulty accessing the online training the first point of contact is the local church. Ideally someone at church would be able to assist individuals who can’t access the online module. It could mean that the person would visit the church office or someone’s home to assess the internet from there, or for someone from church to sit and help that individual as they navigate through the online module.

If access continues to be an issue, please contact the Creating Safe Spaces Coordinator via or phone 02 9868 9221.

How do I find and register for a face to face workshop?

If a workshop is running at your local church, please liaise with your local church contact to register.

For workshops at a church other than where you usually attend, please see the “Find a Workshop” page on our website. This events page includes details on all of our upcoming workshops and you can purchase a ticket and register for your preferred workshop. When registering, attendees will be asked to fill in a simple form that will require their name, email address, suburb of residence, church, and ministry role/s (if any).

We will be uploading information of new workshops to the “Find a Workshop” page as details are confirmed. If there are no workshops that suit your current location or schedule, we would encourage you to check back again at this page periodically as a new workshop may be added that better suits your needs.

Workshop information will also be posted on the National Council of Churches in Australia – Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA) workshop calendar. From the SCTA calendar, you can also see other Safe Church training workshops run by other denominations that are being held around the country at different times.

What is the first step if my church/organisation wants to host a Creating Safe Spaces face to face workshop?

Please see the “Host a Workshop” page on our website.  There is information on the page that is relevant for churches and organisations that are interested in running a workshop at their location.  There is also a form at the bottom of the page that you can submit your expression of interest to host a workshop.  Once we have received your expression of interest, we will be in contact to confirm further details.

Can people from outside the Baptist church attend/host Creating Safe Spaces training?

Yes. Creating Safe Spaces is endorsed by the National Council of Churches in Australia’s Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA). Therefore, attendees from other denominations/organisations may be trained through our Creating Safe Spaces training and be recognised by their own denomination/organisation depending the policies of the particular denomination/organisation. The Baptist Association will recognise all face to face training conducted by other SCTA endorsed denominations in NSW & ACT.

Can Creating Safe Spaces be run in other languages?

Currently, all of our presenters only speak English, however we would like to partner with churches who have attendees from non-English speaking backgrounds to provide training in languages other than English.  We currently have resources translated into Chinese language and we would like to add other languages.  If you would like Chinese language or are interested in partnering with us in translating in other languages, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page on the website, or by or phone on 02 9868 9221.

Who do I talk to if I have further questions about Creating Safe Spaces?

For any further questions with about Creating Safe Spaces, please contact the Creating Safe Spaces Coordinator via the “Contact Us” page on the website, or email directly on or call 02 9868 9221.