Leaders Session

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The Leaders Session is a new Creating Safe Spaces initiative created for senior church leadership (those with decision making authority) including pastors, elders, deacons, church council members, the church’s Safe Church Concerns Officer/Team and WHS Officer/Team.  This half hour meeting will be conducted immediately after the face to face workshop and to assist senior leaders and there is no additional cost for the Leaders Session.

The session will outline the Safe Church Minimum Compliance Requirements recommended of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT.  These minimum requirements have been informed by the Child Safe Standards outlined by the recent Royal Commission as well as the Child Safe Principles required by the NSW Office of Children’s Guardian.  Meeting these minimum standards will assist churches to fulfil their legal obligations for creating a safe church environment.  Leaders attending this session are encouraged to bring along their church’s current safe church policy for reference.  The workshop facilitator will support the local church leaders to review the church’s current safe church policies, and encourage to church to take steps to fully implement these recommended policies in their local church context.

The Safe Church Minimum Compliance Requirements will form the basis of a Safe Church Certification Scheme that is intended to be offered to assist affiliated churches in 2018.

Please click on the button below to download a copy of the Safe Church Minimum Compliance Requirements.

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