Creating Safe Spaces (Fresh Hope/Churches of Christ Version)

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Welcome to Creating Safe Spaces

Welcome to the online component of our Creating Safe Spaces training. This version of the course is adapted from the original version created by the NSW/ACT Baptist Association. Creating Safe Spaces is not only for those working with children and young people in our churches, it is also intended for those with senior leadership responsibility (pastors, elders, board members & deacons) to ensure that our churches implement safe church policy and practice in all ministries of the church. As the people of God we are called to address issues of harm and justice wherever we find them, and to foster nurturing and supporting environments where people can grow as God intends.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”
Psalm 82:3 (NIV)


This online course is divided into 4 modules with each module having a number of lessons. Completion of the online training modules is required before you can attend a face to face workshop.

We are really glad that you are committed to Creating a Safe Space for ministry at your church or ministry context and we want to encourage you to make the most of this training.

We know that we can all be tempted to multitask, or to skip through the lessons as quickly as possible, so to help you slow down and digest the content, most lessons have a lesson timer giving a minimum amount of time, so that you cannot finish the lesson until the countdown timer at the bottom of the page has reached zero. After the lesson timer reaches zero, click on the “Complete Lesson” or “View Lesson Quiz” button as appropriate. There is a strange quirk sometimes, where after the lesson timer has reached zero, the cursor will continue to display a “no entry” symbol over the button. Don’t worry about this, just click on the button with the no entry symbol anyway.

Some lessons include quiz questions which must be answered correctly before proceeding to the next lesson. We want you to pay attention but don’t stress about the quiz questions, if you don’t answer correctly you can re-take the quiz and try again.

If you want to re-read a lesson you previously completed, you can always navigate back to it using the links at the bottom of the current lesson.

You may stop and log out of the workshop at any time, your progress will be saved and when you log back in, you may continue from where you left off. You can find your account and course details under the “Online Module” drop down menu at the top of the page.

At the end of the workshop, an email will be sent to you acknowledging workshop completion. A certificate of completion will also be generated and will be available to view and download.

We also want to acknowledge that discussing issues including child sexual abuse can be difficult for some people. We would encourage you to be wise when choosing when and where to undertake the training and to make sure that you know who you can talk to if you need some support. You could speak the pastor at your local church, or you could contact one of the support services listed on our webpage.

If you have any difficulty with the online training, please contact Joseph Lam our Creating Safe Spaces Coordinator during business hours via phone or email.

The training takes most people around ninety mintues to complete, so feel free to get yourself a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy while you complete the training.

Support Options

The issues we will be considering can be distressing and can trigger past concerns for some people.

If you would benefit from some extra support we encourage you to contact your local pastor or church leader, or you can find a list of telephone and online support options on the “Support Options” tab of our webpage.


Module 2 - Abuse of Children and Reporting Requirements


Module 4 - Safe Church Practices